The Presque Isle Fish and Game Club was established in 1947, and two of the shooting ranges have been in continuous operation since the Club was founded. An upper pistol range was established in 2015. MRS 2806, “grandfathers” us and protects us from law suits regarding noise and other nuisance complaints. However, this does not mean that we should have complete disregard for our civic responsibility to be a “good neighbor”. The following rules have been drafted by the Range Committee and the Board of Directors to ensure safety, provide a clean range, limit damage to Club property, ensure that only authorized persons use the ranges, and maintain a “good neighbor policy”. The Board may amend these rules or make exceptions to them as the need arises. By signing a copy of these rules, you agree to be compliant with them and report any violations to the Board.


1. In an effort to be a good neighbor, we have voluntarily set the hours of operation for all shooting ranges from 0900 to sunset, as listed in the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s rule book. This policy will be strictly enforced by the Club.

2. The Presque Isle Fish and Game Club is a private club for the use and enjoyment of members and their guests. When you are on the premises, you should challenge anyone you do not know and ascertain that they are a Club member. Failure to do this can expose the Club to legal liability and lead to the misuse and damage of Club property.

3. The reason for using eye and ear protection should be obvious to all shooters. Failure to wear protection can lead to serious injury and expose the Club to liability. Wear them and insist that other shooters do, as well.

4. Shooters under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at any of the ranges.

5. Anyone, member or guest, who willfully destroys or damages Club property may lose membership and/or may be subject to vandalism charges.

6. Park in designated parking area.

7. NO ALCOHOL permitted at any of the ranges.



1. Because of the danger of using glass targets and the difficulty of cleaning up other breakable targets, their use is PROHIBITED. This includes the use of skeet targets on the pistol and lower ranges. Care should be used when attaching targets with nails, screws, or tacks as these have caused flat tires on the riding mower. We encourage the use of staples or tape.

2. To minimize the possibility of hitting the target supports, targets should be placed in the center of the target boards. No targets should be attached to the target supports or placed on the support posts, as this increases the possibility of damage. Under no circumstances are targets to be affixed to the shooting benches.

3. Placing a target a long way from the berm increases the possibility of striking the ground or some other object which can cause a bullet to ricochet. Therefore, all targets should be placed at or behind the target line.

4. Shotguns and automatic firearms destroy the target boards and increase the possibility of striking the target supports. To help protect these target supports, the use of shotguns and automatic firearms are PROHIBITED when shooting at the Club’s pistol and lower ranges. Shotguns firing slugs may be used. It is permissible to shoot shotguns and automatic firearms if you use your own target boards and target supports and remove them from the range after shooting. Place your target frames and boards so that shoot-through does not strike the Club’s target boards and in a safe direction so as to have full use of the berm backstops.


5. In an effort to keep all three ranges clean and safe, all casings, shotgun hulls, and targets should be disposed of in the trash cans or dumpster provided. Remember this range belongs to all Club members and it is our responsibility to keep it clean.

6. We have recently experienced deliberate damage to the targets and target supports, people shooting at targets on the shooting benches and failing to pick up the range when finished shooting. And, there have been instances of shooting before the designated shooting time of 0900. We are instituting a sign-in program in an effort to maintain control of the ranges, establish a degree of personal responsibility, and ensure that only Club members are using the ranges. The sign-in sheets and active-range flags are located in the designated area of the Club and it is required that all shooters sign in before using the shooting range and sign out when leaving. There is a place to note any discrepancies, damage to the target boards, and any other irregularities, including use of the ranges by unauthorized persons.



1. We have no berm or backstop on the Skeet - Trap Range, therefore, the use of rifles, pistols, and shotguns shooting slugs is extremely dangerous and is PROHIBITED.

2. Large shot carries farther than small shot. In an effort to control our shot fall, the use of shot larger than #7-1/2 is PROHIBITED.

3. The use of the Club’s skeet, trap, and sporting clay machines is limited to times when an authorized person is present, (a list is provided with the sign-in sheet). This is necessary because the machines are dangerous to operate and easily damaged. Also, the targets are inventoried and must be paid for when used.

4. The use of personal skeet throwers is permitted, if you supply your own clay birds. We encourage the use of biodegradable targets. When using a hand-thrower, shoot in a safe direction away from buildings, the RV trail, and the river. You are responsible for cleanup of hulls. Please post a red-active-shooting flag and be sure no one is using the adjacent pistol range.


The Pistol Range and the Skeet-Trap Range cannot be operated safely at the same time. However, the lower range can but needs care for safe passage to and from the area. If there is a pre-scheduled event on either of the upper ranges, the range in use first will take precedence. Shooters should yield to the skeet and trap range during regularly scheduled shoots. Shooters are expected to act with patience and consideration for safety. Wait until the operating range is clear and the active-shooting flag is removed before preparing or actively shooting at an adjacent range. Consider using the lower range, but work with range officers to pass safely through to the lower rifle range.


The Range Committee and the Presque Isle Fish and Game Club Board of Directors hope these rules will keep the ranges safe and enjoyable places to shoot. The Range Committee and Board welcome suggestions to help enforce these rules. Please remember that violations of these rules can lead to disciplinary action, up to and including loss of membership.